The Family Church
Built in 1745 to worship Saint Oronzo e and Saint Irene,
protectors of Lecce.
It is located within the inner walls of the Masseria,
and dedicated to Mary Immaculate,
it is completely built out of Lecce stone.


Small corner of paradise located in 10.000 square feet of secret garden. This area is also served by a small bar.


These rooms were once the living spaces of the Masseria, where the farmers used to live. Completely remodeled, but true to their origins, these rooms located on the ground floors have three working chimneys. These indoor spaces are ideal to celebrate special occasions, receptions, or small meetings.
The courtyards, both outdoor and surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and century-old olive trees, offer great spaces and a fantastic backdrop for your future memories.


The underground olive oil mills (or frantoio), were once obtained from within the stone, manually dug out from the underground rock.
The necessity of making the olive oil mills underground comes from the fact that the olive’s production cycle needs a warm environment (oil solidifies at 6°C/43°F), with a constant temperature (between 18° and 20°C/64° and 68°F) in order to facilitate the oil’s down flow when the olives underwent pressing. The heat was generated from lamps that burned day and night, from the olive’s fermentation and from the heat that the workingmen produced. Moreover, underground-working mills didn’t required specialized labor or construction endeavors, it didn’t have expenses and didn’t entail material transportations. Even the disposal of the olive’s residue was easily disposed through the stone’s crevices.