Common areas that distinguish Masseria Borgo Mortella.

The Family Church

Built in 1745 to worship Saint Oronzo and Saint Irene – protectors of Lecce.

The Swimming Pool

A corner of paradise located in a beautiful “secret” garden.


These rooms were once the living spaces of the Masseria.

Pine grove

A big pine grove where you can relax.

Olive grove

The Masseria is surrounded by nearly 25 acres of olive trees.

“Frantoio” – Olive Oil Mill

Underground olive oil mill carved from stone.


“I shall buy you a little house so you can bring flowers to Christ in the Blessed Sacrament”, with this sentence, “Mortella” makes its way into history, and into my family: a gift from Granfather Clemente to Grandmother Angelina; a place where she could grow flowers to bring to the church’s altar. From that moment, we all loved Mortella, and we still love it! Greatgrandmother brought her children to play here, and they brought their own children. And we brought ours. Once there used to be farmers, gardeners, cows, sheep and chickens. Today, the barns, the farmyard, the ovens, the secrets gardens and the olive oil mill bear witness to a life that no longer exists.


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